• We met Angela when she represented the sellers in a house we were buying. She did a fantastic job for them, and we knew right away that we will use her in our future real estate transactions. She absolutely lived up to our expectations and to her remarkable reputation. Angela is timely, professional, and has years of expreince that translate to immese knowledge of the NOVA housing market. Angela guided us through the whole process from advising us on how to prepare our house, to creating a marketing stragegy for us, to intising offers to come in and then negotiating them well for us. She is honest and trustworthy, and works very hard for her clients. We have dealt with many real estate agents in the past, no one is on the ball as much as she is. If we were not moving away from this area we would use her again and again. She is great. We highly recommend her. The Smith Family, Oak Hill

  • Angela, thank you for selling our house at a good price and in such a short time. You have been very responsive to our concerns and paid close attention to many details. I also feel that your experience certainly contributes a lot to this. I would say that you made the selling process almost effortless. So it was great to have you as our agent. Thanks again and we really appreciate your work.
    Xiaoqin Xu and Ling Ji, Oak Hill

  • We have bought and sold a home with Angela as our Agent. Not only does Angela bring with her comprehensive knowledge of the real estate market but she also demonstrates great negotiating strategies that benefit her clients whether they are buying or selling. We appreciated Angela's "tell-it-as-it-is" approach and frequent communications. Angela is extremely dedicated to her clients and works to achieve the best possible outcome. We have been extremely fortunate to have Angela as our advocate and have already hired her for an upcoming real estate purchase!                 Melissa and David Zatz, Herndon
  • It is such a pleasure to work with Angela. I met Angela several years when I was trying to sell my townhouse right when the crash hit. The agent I had promised me the moon and had me spending money right and left and when a contract did come in she didn't know how to negotiate it, I broke off the relationship. I found Angela who was totally honest with me and said had doubts in the market we were in that we could sell at the price I needed to get but said if I wanted to we could try. She stuck with me and she was totally right, it didn't appraise. Well she has stuck with over the past two years and periodically we would talk about when to put it on the market. We decided to try again and we sold it, just like she throught and it sold in the first two weeks we had it on the market. She knows her craft, she is honest, dependable, no drama, gets the job done and you don't have to keep on her. When I decide to sell the house I am in and buy another one it will be with Angela. You need not look any further. You found the right woman for the job.
    Soni Weiss, Reston


  • "Working with Angela was a wonderful experience when it came to selling our house in Herndon. She specializes in our location, and had a keen sense for finding the highest optimal price for us. We appreciated her honesty about the condition of our house and the upgrade suggestions for it to sell. The communication process was easy with her and timing was perfect. She even saved us money on closing costs, and referred us excellent service people with whom she works. Angela, with her real estate knowledge, has given us more than we ever imagined."                                             
    Gyuri and Agnes Grell, Oak Hill/Herndon

  • My wife and I have been clients of Angela's since 1994. Take it from us--there is no better agent in this business. That assessment is based on our forty years experience of buying and renting homes as a military family transferring from one assignment to another. Angela rented our house for us and helped us manage it from a distance for 16 years. When it came time to sell, she stepped us through the sale preparation stages offering the services of trustworthy, skillful, and highly capable craftsmen. The property sold quickly and at a great price. She's a smart, savvy agent who gets results. If you're looking for the best, choose Angela, and like us, you will be completely satisfied!                      
    David and Linda Chase, Oak Hill/Herndon

  • Dave and I want to thank you very much for all your time and patience!  Your continual guidance and support made the home buying process a positive experience for us. We are very appreciative that you were by our side each step of the process. Thank you, thank you!   
    Melissa & Dave Zatz, Oak Hill/JHerndon

  • We're so relieved this is over and are very thankful to you and the way you made everything easy.  You were responsive, kept us in the loop, and looked out for our best interest.  We hired you for your experience and aggressiveness.  We are well pleased with your services and enjoyed working with you! We'll stay in touch.
    Kim and Warren DeWitt, Oak Hill/Herndon

  • We owe a huge thanks to our real estate agent extraordinaire, Angela Mitchell. She is amazing. After another agent couldn't sell our house after 140 some odd days on the market, Angela swoops in and after five days we have two contracts and one on the way! As far as buying a home, she was in tune to what we wanted and directed us towards our current neighborhood, which is perfect for us. She steered me away from houses that she didn't think were right for us, trying to find us the right house. We knew were in experienced hands as she had an answer to every question, she anticipated and averted problems before they happened. In addition, she ended up performing double work as it was our buyer's agent first sell ever. She is experienced, bright and full of energy! From start to finish, Angela gets an A plus! If you or someone you know is looking to buy or sell, her number is 703-264-7877!
    Mike and Sara Brandland, Oakton

  • We knew for years before we sold our home that you would be the first call based on your familiarity with Fox Mill. You gave us everything we could have hope for from candid advice about price, to clear appraisals of the market, to how to handle the process, to where to fold or stand on negotiatiations. Your help on staging a year before we went on the market was (almost) perfectly on target, and gave us the chance to deal with a lot of issues over time. All together, a memorable and happy experience, thanks to you.                                     
    Your friends, Larry and Cheri Belluzzo, Oak Hill

  • Through the house selling process you were our rock.  We appreciated your forthrightness, guidance, hand holding, frequent touching bases, reassurances, honesty, determination, and your understanding of our different personalities.  And we realize that we are/were not your only clients but we never felt neglected.  You handle all your responsibilities with amazing aplomb (or at least that how it seems.)  Thank you.                           
    Roger & Shirley Christman, Oak Hill

  • Angela, A year and a half ago (almost) you told us that to sell a house in pursuit of another single family property was the hardest type of transaction to pull off. Well, we did it! And you were the key to our success. You stuck by us through the declining market and your perseverance, combined with your knowledge of the market, Fox Mill Estates in particular, and your frank and candid style have led us to the threshold of the only house in the whole neighborhood that we can picture ourselves living in happily for many years to come. You're two for two with us, having secured for us the house that got us into Fox Mill when the market was on the rise and multiple contracts and bidding wars were the rule and not the exception. Having benefited from your expertise and professionalism in the full range of market conditions leaves us forever indebted to you. While we hope to never need your services again, we will forever be your friends and your number one reference.   Sincerely,
    Scott & Janine Murphy-Neilson
  • Angela is very knowledgable about the Fox Mill Estates neighborhood. She was able to sell our home in a very difficult market.  Angela is a top rated real agent agent. We hired her as our agent after our home was on the market for about five months without an offer. Angela helped us make the changes needed to our home to appeal to potential buyers. She is very knowledgeable about the real estate market and specifically our neighborhood. She kept us updated and informed throughout the process. More importantly, she helped us sell our home in a relatively short period of time. Angela is a true professional and she really represented our interests. Thanks, Angela
    Howard and Chau Wu

  • You were very professional and worked very hard to get us the best price for our house. We couldn' t have made the move up without you. Thank you! I would rate your service as excellent and you kept us informed all the way to settlement. I would highly recommend you to our friends and family.
    Steve and Sarah Mouton

  • To simply state, “We couldn’t have done it without you” is a significant understatement of the fact. Indeed, without your wise counsel, strong support, marketing acumen, and utmost diligence, instead of enjoying our new life in our new home, we would be still residing in our former residence, several thousand dollars poorer, extremely disappointed and disgruntled because we would have lost both our earnest deposit money and the home we had contracted for and hoped to live in. It is in times of challenge and adversity that the differences between an ordinary man and an exceptional woman are most obvious – you are the consummate realtor AND an extraordinary person. Thanks to you, we sold our house at a time when hundreds of homes have gone unsold and hundreds of sellers have been disappointed by a bearish real estate market. One of the best decisions we made was to enlist you as our realtor, and you are certainly someone that we have and will continue to recommend. But beyond everything else you have done for us, we are most grateful for the gift of you – knowing you has been a rare and wonderful pleasure. We hope that we can continue our friendship in the years ahead. You are always a welcome guest in our new home and will always hold a special place in our hearts and in our life. Thank you. 
    Kathy and Tony Rutkowski - Oak Hill/Herndon

  • Thank you so much for helping us find such a great house - now that we're under from the boxes, we are really starting to enjoy it. The kids are loving the stream. The basement is great and we just love the extra space and quiet cul de sac. We still owe you a margerita. We've been saying good things about you. We are so happy - everything was so easy with the sale of out house and that you took care of everything. Thanks again. Talk to you soon.
    Patty and Keith Bohnenberger - Oak Hill/Herndon

  • Your service was excellent. You have excellent knowledge of the real estate market overall and especially in our area. Your strengths are the ability to price a property at the appropriate price, able to give good advice on what to expect following a home inspection, and you had good references for repair companies. You are extremely patient dealing with our concerns and with the concerns/questions/requests of the buyer. No areas need improvement. Keep doing what you're doing. Please use us as a reference. Thank you.
    Len and Pat Koczur - Oakton


  • You were excellent. I've had many realtors over the past ten years - and I would rate you the highest. You're knowledgeable about the market and you listen to the customer. I appreciated your advice. As far as keeping me informed on the way to settlement, you kept me updated and kept me straight on all timing issues. I can't think of anything to improve your service. You're very knowledgeable, aggressive, responsive and honest/realistic. I especially appreciated your thoughtfulness. It was a pleasure. I hope you'll sell my home when the time comes.
    Vivian Sullivan, ExxonMobil


  • Our thanks go out to Angela Mitchell and the amazing job she did for us when she listed our home. Most importantly, she knows the real estate market and knew how to price our home. We sold our home for considerably more than what we expected. Angela has several strengths. She communicates. We knew everything that was happening with our home and it's promotion as it was happening. She knows the market and suggested pricing, but always left the final price up to us. She explained why she did what she did so we could understand the process. Several times she even stopped by, drank a cup of coffee with us, and made suggestions on how to best show our home. To our great relief, she didn't ask us to do things that were impossible to get done in a short amount of time. Her premarketing techniques gave our home a lot of visibility, even before it was listed on the MLS. Her close watch of the market allowed her to adjust the price on the day it was listed. By the time we'd had an open house, we had 6 good contracts from which to choose. Angela's marketing of our home was top notch, but her assistance and advice in the purchase of our new home in another area, in which she was not involved, made a nerve-racking experience bearable. We were involved with two realtors who constantly needed prodding, obviously didn't have our best interests at heart, and didn't communicate. Our move ended up being wonderful and fun experience on one end and difficult and tenuous on the other. Sometimes it takes a poor experience to highlight the unique qualities of an easy experience. We thank Angela for her help and hope to continue our new friendship.
    John and Linda Sichenze

  • You were hands on from the beginning. Your communication was clear - thanks for all the phone calls. Angela, you've mastered your marketing skills and professionlism! I have nothing but positives tihings to say on our experience in working with you. You were definitely our saviour at our time of need. Absolutely use us as a reference.
    John and Anna OConnor
  • Angela, thank you so much for selling our house and getting such a great price for us in the time frame that we needed. You are the best Real Estate Agent that we have had. You made us feel as if we were your only clients by returning our calls quickly and keeping us informed though out the process. We know why you are Number One. You have set a standard in our eyes on how a Realtor should perform. Again, thank you!
    Vincent and Karen Barkley
  • Angela, you were excellent. You were on top of everything. Thanks for your concern and flexibility with Jerry's illness. We never had a concern about unforseen "surprises". I don't think there is anything that you could do to improve your service - just keep being as considerate and ethical as you have been. We will continue to recommend you to our family and friends.
    Jerry and Elise Geary
  • First class service in helping us buy our new home. I would definitely recommend you to our family and friends.
    Mark and Julie Webber
  • Excellent service in the sale of our old home and the purchase of our new home. You are number 1 - a very good real estate agent. Thank you.
    Terri and Emelia Ty
  • Excellent service! You have a great intuition for your clients needs. Your strength is in matching clients to the right homes - reading between the lines. We would highly recommend you. Thank you so much for helping us find our new home! It is great.
    Joe and Doree Dubyel - Burke
  • If excellent is the highest rating, then, that is what we'll have to put. Kathy and I were both pleasantly surprised at how easy everything went. We would hire you again, but we plan on staying put for a long while. We will absolutely recommend you to our family and friends. Thanks for everything.
    Matt and Kathy Matay - Great Falls

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